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About ProHope

Holistic development recognizes that individuals and communities cannot be understood or served without addressing every aspect of their reality: physical, mental, spiritual, economic, and social.

The contexts in which people live, including specific geographical conditions -physical and climactic-, as well as, familial characteristics, social structures, political systems, schools, churches, and all other social institutions must be addressed, as a whole, if permanent, desirable change is to take place.


Holistic Development

We envision hope flourishing throughout targeted regions as families and communities adopt wholesome lifestyles.


Mission:   Equipping communities with life skills

This organization exists to promote hope by equipping disadvantaged communities with aquaponic systems, and developing beneficial, multi-faceted life, and leadership skills that will sustain such communities.


  • Every person should have the opportunity to develop their full potential in an environment of hope.

  • Leadership should provide direction and foster hope in others.

  • Communities should develop as sustainable environments where people’s dreams and hope may flourish.

  • Full development of persons living in holistic communities may be guided by the principles found in the Bible.

What We Do

Promoting Hope’s strategy for holistic development in disadvantaged communities involves four interrelated components:

  • Aquaponics

  • Life skills development program

  • Micro-credit

  • Leadership development

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